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Before posting an application, please understand the following:
  • North American players only
  • We play COD BOPS 3, on the Xbox One
  • We only play CORE games only, mostly objective (DOM, SnD, TDM mostly, plus others occasionally)
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You cannot be on any other team, and you are expected to leave any other roster if you make it onto Team Legacy.
  • Dashboarders need not apply
  • Once successfully on Team Legacy, we require all members to change their GT to include "tL"
  • We look a lot at the application you submit. Please spend some time on it.
  • You must check back to your application for responses and instructions.

Please remember to check back to your applications for responses and instructions!!

You can be guaranteed there will be a response within 12 hours of submission. Failure to check back to your application and follow the instructions will result in immediate decline.

Team Legacy Code

  1. You are to be respectful to all team members at all times; we expect all members to be loyal to the team. All members of Team Legacy must treat all with respect, and everyone is to be treated with the same respect. There is to be no belittling, name calling, swearing, telling off, putting down, any negative treatment towards your fellow team mates. There is no tolerance for this behaviour on the team.
  2. We do not tolerate 'clan hopping'. If you are trying out, we assume you are looking for a permanent clan. You are not be a part of any other team or clan while in Team Legacy.
  3. You must not cheat, glitch, or mod of any sort, which means that modded Gamertags are not allowed. We play fair at all times. If you have a modded account, please inform us in your application.
  4. You must be active both on the game and site. If you are going to be away, you are expected to let the team know. Extended inactivity without notification will result in removal from team.
  5. You must have a great personality and attitude; along with this comes maturity.
  6. You must be able to play, work together and communicate with your team. Teamwork is the one of the most important aspects of Team Legacy. There will be no verbal abuse tolerated to your fellow teammates.
  7. You must have fun. Despite all these requirements we are all a great bunch of friends. First and foremost we have fun gaming together.